About us

We at Granitkungen are selling custom made granite, marble and composite countertops for both private customers, businesses and housing associations in Stockholm.

For us, quality is the most important element, and therefore we have decided to work only with the stone of highest classification. Quality stone is not cheap, and to offer it at to a reasonable price we have cut all the middlemen. In addition to countertops can also offer sinks and faucets from leading manufacturers at affordable prices.

Our 5 core values

1. Excellent Quality

Quality is most important thing to our clients and we strive to have the highest quality in town when comparing countertops. All blocks have been carefully inspected and hand selected. We want to make the experience of receiving natural stone countertops one of the fashionable makeover experiences you will have. When we fabricate each project we use the best tools and practices in the industry. We provide only high-end, granite, marble, and composite countertops.

2. Great Prices

We can offer you great prices thanks to our trade structure with no middlemen. With us can you invest wisely and save money at the same time. If you find quality stone at the lower cost, you should be suspicious.

3. Service

We provide supreme service to all our customers because we know that one satisfied client can bring us hundreds new ones. That’s why we measure carefully, fabricate accurately and install beautifully.

4. Stone Choices

We have a great collection of stones in large color spectrum. to ensure you the highest quality and wide selection of color, textures and finishes available coming from many countries including Italy, South Africa, India, Norway, Finland…

5. Turnaround Time

We offer one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Installation of countertops takes usually place only two to three weeks after measurement.