Composite Countertops

Composite stone is a man-made material composed of 93% crushed stone and 7% of the binding agent. Worktops composite is very strong even though they are thinner than granite countertops and marble. One of the advantages of composite disks is that they are very hygienic. The material has also become increasingly popular because of its wide range of colors and unique design solutions. Our composite panels come from Silestone and OKITE.

Although the electronic images are quite similar with the real stones, we recommend you to borrow real stone samples from us. Remember to study the stone surface in different light, and light angles.

Composite Countertops Price Class 1

3325 kr/linear meter

Composite Countertops Price Class 2

4180 kr/linear meter




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Edge Profiles

Kantprofiler tlll bänkskivan

Order Step by Step

  1. Select a stone. 
  2. Choose the thickness of the stone. 
  3. Select edge profile. 
  4. Choose treatment of visible corners. 
  5. Measure the length and depth of the discs. 
  6. Select hole type for cooktop and sink. 
  7. Other cut-outs and holes (faucet, etc.) 
  8. Measure center dimensions for sink, hob and other possible openings.