Granite countertops

If you want the most maintenance-free and scratch-resistant material for your kitchen then granite is probably the best choice. Granite is highly scratch resistant due to its density. When you cut something on a granite disk, the disc will get along splendidly, but you get a blunt knife with time.

Most granite worktops you can choose with polished, honed or leather surface.

Although the electronic images are quite similar with the real stones, we recommend you to borrow stone samples from us. Remember to study how the stone surface looks in different light, and light angles.

Granite countertops

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Granite countertops, Price class 1, (30mm)

1935 SEK / linear meter

Granite countertops, Price class 2, (30mm)

2706 SEK / linear meter

Granite countertops, Price class 3, (30mm)

3095 SEK / linear meter

Granite countertops, Price class 4, (30mm)

3410 SEK / linear meter

Exclusive granite

Ask for offer.


Over glued sink / cooktop: 1700 SEK
Flush-fit sink / cooktop: 3100 SEK
Under mounted sink: 3100 SEK
Cut-out faucets 350 SEK

Edge Profiles:

Straight edge sharpening: 350 / lpm
Semi-circular edge grinding (post-shaped): 520 SEK / lpm
Full Bullnose cutting: 650 SEK / lpm


Reinforcement (amplification) in the hole: 900 SEK
Grooves (3-5 units) for water run-off: 1600 SEK
Measurement / drawing when ordering: 1500 kr
Delivery, transport and fixation in Stockholm from: 3900 SEK

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