Service Area

Vår serviceområde är Stockholm och mälardalenWe work primary in Stockholm.

We are working six days a week from 8.00 to 19.00 but on the seventh day we rest.

You are welcome to call or write to us if you have any questions

Call us 08- 37 97 73


Snabba leveranser på bänkskivor i stockholm





”På rullande sten växer ingen mossa”



Expression of interest


Phone / Email

  10 års garanti på alla våra stenbänkskivor

Edge Profiles

Kantprofiler tlll bänkskivan

Order Step by Step

  1. Select a stone. 
  2. Choose the thickness of the stone. 
  3. Select edge profile. 
  4. Choose treatment of visible corners. 
  5. Measure the length and depth of the discs. 
  6. Select hole type for cooktop and sink. 
  7. Other cut-outs and holes (faucet, etc.) 
  8. Measure center dimensions for sink, hob and other possible openings.